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Hormones. Is there a place for them in the treatment of endometriosis?

Are treatments such as the pill or mirena coil viable options in the fight against endo? And if not why not?


Talking periods, sex ed and endo awareness month.

So… March is finally upon us. March is endometriosis awareness month. I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to talk about this week, and I found the answer whilst scrolling through twitter. A woman called Alice Smith has been campaigning to get menstrual health on the National curriculum in England and last month

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Maintaining friendships with a chronic illness.

I have decided to take a break in documenting my diagnosis story to talk about something else. Writing about my endo has shown me just how much this illness has affected my relationships with others. Whether that be friends, family or my partner. I know it sounds silly to only just be really thinking about

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My journey to a diagnosis. (Part one)

This is my first attempt at writing pretty much anything before, that wasn’t for school or college. It’s taken me a while to find the courage to firstly document my illness and then to publish it on the internet. If you’re reading this (I mean seriously IF), you or a loved one may have endometriosis.

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