Alternative treatments for cramps and chronic pain. BEYOU period cramp patches.

Endo gives me cycle long chronic pain. Pain in my abdomen, lower back and vagina. I also have severe period pain in addition to this. I take pain killers for this on a regular basis. (Regular basis here meaning multiple times a day). My pain killers help me get through the day, sometimes help me go to work when I wouldn’t have otherwise and sometimes just help me survive in bed on those particularly bad days.

Pain medications are vital to me and so many others, BUT what I have leanrt is, it pays to be open minded. Over the last few years I’ve tried a few “alternative” treatments for my pain. Alternative meaning not medications prescribed by my doctor or consultant. Some of these products worked and I’ve continued using them and some of them have been a massive bust. I’ve decided to start a new series of posts about those products and treatments that (to a varying degree) have helped me manage my pain.

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BEYOU period cramp patches.


I first came across this product on instagram. I’m going to be honest I was quite sceptical. Desribing itself as a “cooling period relief patch,” they contain a mixture of essential oils and menthol from peppermint leaves. The patches are designed to provide a cooling sensation where applied, that can help with menstural cramps. I have used ice packs and heat pads for years to help with my chronic abdominal pain and severe period pain so wanted to put this product to the test.


I used this product on a few different days. Firstly a week or so before I was due to start my period, when I always have some pain in my lower abdomon and lower back. This product is designed to be used at night time or perhaps just as you’ve woken up before you leave for work or school. So of course I follwed those instructions (NOT) and the first day I used it was whilst on holiday setting off for a long walk. The cooling sensation (for myself at least) is genuinley soothing. It was a low pain day BUT I was doing quite strenuous activity and it certainly provided some comfort.

I then went on to use this product on our journey home from said holiday. We had a 6 hour coach ride to look forward to. I applied the patch at 9am before leaving and didn’t remove it until we arrived home at 6:30pm. This product is meant to work (to some degree), for up to 12 hours. It was still providing comort when I removed it, although as you can expect not to the same extent.


I then used this product on the first three days of my period. My pain during this time is often high. I’d describe it as anywhere between a 7 and an 8 on my own pain scale. I was in bed, taking strong opoid prescription pain relief. I placed my first patch on my lower back, where I can often experience discomfort. It was harder to measure the success of the patch in this scenario but I do think it provided a little relief and comfort. On days such as these it really is about survival, and getting through the day in as little discomfort as possible and for that this product did help.

What I liked about it?

  1. I’ve used other heat and cold adhesive patches before, and what I often hate is the part where you have to remove it. I place my patches fairly low down on my abdomon and this can mean it bloody hurts when it comes to taking it off. I did not find this with this patch. It came off with ease and zero discomfort.
  2. Easy to apply. I could place it on my tummy, my lower back or my sides, wherever needed it, and it still sat well and remained comfortable.
  3. A good size. Due to its rectangular shape and size it covered a good surface area, which is great if you experience pain or cramps in more than one area.
  4. It’s packaging. The patches come in a resealable pouch, and (although this really won’t matter to most people), has suptle, attractive packaging. Some similar products come in bulky boxes or packets, this does not.

What I didn’t like about it? 

  1. One of this product’s pros actually becomes a con. It removes so easily this product doesn’t remain in place for super long periods of time. If you’re looking for a product to wear during exercise etc this isn’t it.
  2. I would love it if this brand decided to design patches in other shapes and sizes. As I’ve said above, this patch does cover a good surface area but I’d love it if there was a little more choice beyond the basic rectanular shape.

Will I continue to use it? 

Simple answer, YES. It has made a good addition to to my pain management and although for those that suffer from chronic pain this will not treat it, it can certainly soothe that pain.

If you’re unsure whether this product is right for you TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR.


  1. Sounds like a useful product and its always useful for someone who has direct experience to tell you pros and cons.

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