Body positive bloggers, vloggers and instagramers you should be following.

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week was all about body image, how we think and feel about our bodies and how this can impact our mental health. I’ve been trying something new the last few months. I wanted to change how I used social media (particularly instagram).

I found that I spent way too much time scrolling instagram, looking at pictures that made me feel bad about myself and repeating this several times a day. It took me quite some time to realise that this isn’t something I had to do, it was something I was choosing to do. So I made a pact with myself to only follow people or accounts that added some kind of positivity to my day, and to unfollow anyone who made me feel less.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with posting beautiful pictures on insta (that’s kinda the point), but if looking at those pictures makes you feel negatively about yourself, your life or anything for that matter you can unfollow. So i unfollowed people I had followed for years, I’m sure they’re lovely people, they’ve done nothing wrong, it’s not about them, its about me.

In the process of doing this I’ve discovered some amazing new blogs and people on instagram that I really wanted to share with you. So here goes.

Callie Thorpe

Callie is a blogger, instagramer and plus size model, beginning her journey blogging about dieting and her desire to be thinner. This changed once she had realised you could be successful no matter your size and has since been a champion for plus size people within the fashion industry and on the internet. Her positivity has been an amazing addition to my instgram feed, combining travel, fashion and lifestyle all with a positive message of self acceptance.

Cosmic Colette

Youtuber, instagramer and blogger Collette Lydon began creating health and body positivity content after recovering from an eating disorder. She discusses veganism, mental health and eating disorders, whilst also sharing her travels. I discovered her through insta but have since come to adore her Youtube channel as well, for it’s lovely mix of travel, lifestyle and plus size fashions vids. I seriously love her.

Jules Von Hep

A celebrity tanner, he seems like an odd choice here, but I adore his instagram. He shares all things body positive, has an amazing podcast alongside Sarah Powell and always manages to make me chuckle.

Kitty Canuck

A Canadian blogger and owner of Kitty Canuck plus size clothing store. Providing vintage and mod plus size clothing throughout Canada and the US. (Please bring it to Europe Kitty)! I discovered kitty’s blog last year and loved her story of body positivity and self acceptance. Go check out her blog and if you’re in Canada or the US go and take a look at her beautiful clothes.


Milly Smith, know as Selfloveclubb on instagram and twitter is a body positivity and mental health awareness advocate. Using her social media she discusses not only self acceptance but a myriad of other topics, including gender, sexuality and sexism. The list goes on. What I love about her is she always manages to handle sensitive topics in a real, intelligent and often funny way.


  1. This is a really great post! I only hope that one day someone might include my blog in a list like this. I’m trying really hard to work towards positive content that discourages dieting and encourages loving ourselves, whilst being honest about my own journey. These accounts that you have shared are definitely more of what I need to see -thank you!

    • Thank you so much 😊 I have to say I could have included so many bloggers on this list, I just decided to mainly focus on Instagram. I love your blog and it always add something positive to my day ❤️😊

      • Yeah, I know what you mean! It’s great that people are starting to focus on the book movement. Thank you so much, your kind words mean so much to me x

  2. Love this! I also unfollowed loads of accounts last year that made me feel negatively towards my own body (e.g. the Kardashians and Jenners). I’ve still got a long way to go with my own self confidence and body image, but this was a good first step. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So many great names on here! I’m forever posting on my Instagram about body positivy in travel especially. I think it’s so important to keep the message going even though small changes are starting to happen in the media now, I’ve especially noticed it on TV ads in the UK. Great post and great that there is a male on your list too!

  4. I love Cosmic on Instagram. I also love the Birds Papyia (unsure if that’s spelled correctly) and anything from the anorexic recovery body image tags!

    – Thank you for sharing this, I now have a few more to follow.

  5. It’s always wonderful to see body positivity online! Instagram in particular has had a negative impact on my self-esteem, so I’m always looking for more “realistic” accounts to follow!

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